If you are looking for a lightweight wallet to its heavier counterpart Monero GUI, MyMonero is your best alternative. MyMonero wallet is a multicurrency wallet platform, is extremely user friendly and supports XMR cryptocurrency.MyMonero is also not a full node wallet, hence it does not require you to sync the entire blockchain in your device. This cuts down the startup time and improves the running speed significantly. MyMonero also does not weigh and slow down your device.

MyMonero is a light node wallet, which offers an easy to utilize interface and communicates exchanges in a flash. There’s no compelling reason to locally store the blockchain data as a full hub since it’s a web wallet. Along these lines, all you need is your private login key to get to your coins. As referenced, there is certainly not an outsider server to store your coins. That is on the grounds that MyMonero was created by the customer’s group as a light GUI form of the Core XMR wallet. Considered instinctive and accessible in a few dialects, for example, EN, ES, JA and PT, MyMonero may turn into your most loved XMR wallet.

Pros of MyMonero Wallet

  • Light Node: Because of this, you do not have to download the entire Monero GUI, hence it does not slow down the system.
  • Encrypted Private Keys Ownership: There is no third party involved in the storage of your private keys, MyMonero’s own servers, only you have access to the private keys and hence can control the flow of your funds.
  • Easy To Use: The user interface is based on user-friendliness and is easy to navigate and utilitarian

cons of MyMonero Wallet

  • No Multi-Signature: No Multi-Signature highlights to demand more than one individual to support an exchange before it gets communicated. This implies you’re the just a single mindful to guard your coins.
  • Inter wallet transactions:  MyMonero user sends funds to another MyMonero user, then MyMonero knows where this transaction came from and went in most cases.
  • Transaction record: MyMonero doesn’t store transaction records.
mymonero web wallet user interface
what are the Basic requirements to use mymonero web wallet?

The basic requirement to use the mymonero wallet is a computer and an Internet connection. You can go to their official website. However, please ensure that your connection is secure while using the website, as well as pay close attention to the URL.


How to find mymonero wallet address ?

You can find your MyMonero wallet address in the account overview section of your account profile. You can share your wallet to enable transactions into your account. Your wallet address is a combination of letters and numbers and is completely unique to your account just like in any bank account addresses as well. To know more about the working of cryptocurrency wallets, click here.

Is mymonero wallet safe?

MyMonero wallet is completely safe to use. It has end to end encryption and since there is no third party involved, your private keys remain with you. To know more about it, you can read here.

From where do i download mymonero wallet?

You can download it from www.mymonero.com. It is compatible with all the operating systems and is completely safe to use. A native mymonero app is also being developed and would be widely available in the market shortly.